Told through the journeys of two expecting mothers seeking safety in Colombia, Irse is a window into the Venezuelan exodus and its impact on families.

TRT: 26:40

director, cinematographer, editor, producers : Marian Carrasquero & Jean-Philippe Dobrin


Berkeley Film Foundation 2019 Student Grant Winner

All That Remains

A year after deadly wildfires ravaged Northern California’s Wine Country, its vulnerable population of farmworkers, many of them undocumented, find themselves in a heightened state of insecurity and inequality.

director, producer, editor, cinematographer: Eva Rendle

cinematography and field translation: Marian Carrasquero


Student Academy Award winner

Mill Valley Film Festival official selection


A Way

A Way is the story of three Americans who converted to Buddhism and ordained as monastics. As they go about their lives at their respective monasteries, we learn about their struggles, their discoveries, and what they left behind.

director, cinematographer, editor, producer: Hao Guo

cinematography: Marian Carrasquero

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