From The New York Times: ‘Mi Amor!’: Tearful Scenes as Immigrant Reunions Begin in New York by Annie Correal.

"Denis Rivas was back with Joshua, 4, after not even speaking to him since they were separated a month ago. 

Mr. Rivas and his boy Joshua were driven to the airport by a volunteer, who did not wish to give his name. They were bound for North Carolina, their original destination, where they planned to stay with Mr. Rivas’s mother and sister. On the way to the airport, the volunteer bought Mr. Rivas a burger. He vomited; he hadn’t eaten in three days, and said in detention in El Paso, Tex., he had eaten little more than bread.

At the airport, Mr. Rivas presented the only documents he had: those given to him that day by ICE, which contained their grainy photographs. But he was told they could fly. Mr. Rivas was told he would receive a pat-down and his belongings — his son’s yellow duffel bag — would be inspected.

The volunteer who drove Mr. Rivas to the airport handed him $20 for a snack before the flight. As Mr. Rivas waited in a security line, a guard looked down at the boy, who stood by him, looking sleepy, and commented on how cute he was."